Savannah Youth At-Risk Conference

I recently presented two sessions at the Savannah Youth At-risk Conference. Here are selected comments.

“Informative and interesting – it’s obvious the background or Mr. Schargel is filled with a love of students and commitment to their excellence.” Jill Mitchell-Berg, Site program Coordinator

“A message of hope and possibility of recreating education to become what it was intended to be – for all children.” Jo Nell Beckum, Counselor

“Inspiring. The program inspires a sense of hope and true possibilities for our youth.”

“Because of Franklin, I have hope that I can improve my teaching!! Thank you for opening my eyes to new ideas about the way I view ‘change”.”

“The PowerPoint’s were excellent. Franklin is extremely knowledgeable and through of what is needed for total school process transformation.”

“Full of ideas for improving ways to encourage and teach students and encourage stakeholders in students’ education.”

“The program is a valuable tool for all who work with children and their families.”

“This session made me think about different improvements to better my teaching skills.” Mary Rutherford, WIA Counselor

“I loved the variety of media presentation and the pacing. The program was practical, informative and reflective.”

“Energetic and informative presentation. I could spend an entire day picking his brain and learning from him.” Dori Yacono, Youth Specialist