You’re in Good Company

Fifteen months ago today I began a blog in “Franklin’s Thoughts” and sent out my first newsletter. Since then 140,261 people have visited my website.

Back then I was not sure if there would be a second blog. I really was not sure I would be able to sustain it. But I have and it has been a rich and rewarding experience. It has kept me in touch with people who are interested in children, potential school dropouts, at-risk learners and education in general. There are very few educational blogs and I am glad that the educational community has accepted mine. I have had people forwarded to my website from my publisher, Eye on Education, the National Dropout Prevention Center,,, and a number of other sites and I would publicly like to thank them.

I know that not everyone who visits the website, spends a great deal of time reading it. But, I get 10-15 people commenting on each. Some challenge my views, many add their own perspective, and all are encouraging.

When I wrote the first, I was concerned that people would be highly critical. Did I get it right? Will people like it? Is the topic relevant? I worry much less about that now. Readers really like the letters in which reflect on the topic that most interest me.

If something is bothering me, I like to write about it. It forces me to research what others have said on the subject and in the process of reading and writing, I solidify my own views.

As expected, most readers come from the United States (63%) and Canada (4%) but people in MOROCCO, the PHILIPPINES, INDIA, UNITED KINGDOM, REPUBLIC OF KOREA, , BRAZIL, SPAIN, GERMANY, MALAYSIA, AUSTRALIA, SINGAPORE, UNITED ARAB EMIRATES, MEXICO, IRELAND, SOUTH AFRICA, FIJI and FRANCE round out the top 20.

To readers, this website is copyright free and you should feel free in using any material you need to help you in helping children. Keep sending me comments, suggestions on what you would like to see my thoughts about and feedback, ([email protected]) both positive and negative. I do like to know that there are people who are reading this. Stay well, and stay in touch.