What does a Chamber of Commerce Think About The Dropout Problem

The Albuquerque Hispano Chamber of Commerce Education Committee conducted a mini-summit at the Chamber’s Office on February 9, 2009. About 20 members of the committee attended the mini-summit.

• Dropout problem has resulted in increased crime in our neighborhoods
• Students’ attention span is short; this results in impatience
• We need to provide more alternative schools
• The social fabric of our society is disintegrating; this results in lack of direction for students
• We are testing too much in the schools
• Middle school students cannot see beyond themselves; difficult to get them focused.
• Students learn differently, and this challenges teachers to teach differently.
• Students do not see relevance in the curricula.
• Bring business representatives to the classroom.
• Information technology is not being used enough in the classrooms.
• We need more career preparation classes.
• Parents do not come to the schools to help the teachers.
• We should require two years of national service from each student; we coddle our students too much.
• The social norms have shifted; respect and responsibility seem to be lost.
• We live in an entitlement society; students are not motivated.
• There is quite a bit of apathy among our young people.
• The parents are leaving too much of the responsibility of bringing up our youngsters to the schools.
• Place financial resources into promoting parental responsibility.
• Schools should market their services to the students; treat students as customers/clients.