The Times They Are A Changing

The New York Times reported (2/1/2009) that the words used by 12 governors in the State of the State addresses had dramatically changed:

2007                2008

Economy                  297                  505

Budget                      285                  389

Jobs                          243                  351

Revenue                   78                    134

Recession                 2                     68

Schools                    443                 332

Education               389                 310

Children                  216                 187

Students                 233                 183

As you can see from the above data, education has moved to a back burner on state agendas. Since states fund 93-94% of the school budgets, it is important to take note that we are up to our necks in alligators. Now is the time to notify our local representatives that we are concerned that education does not fall by the wayside in these critical times.