I Want to Thank You

I want to thank all of you who read this blog.  You have made this past year my greatest intellectually productive in my life.  Those of you who subscribed (easy to do by registering on the right side of this page) know that I am now posting a blog two times a week.  By the end of the month, there will be three postings a week.

For those of you submitting comments, suggestions and reactions (at [email protected]) I want to thank you for taking some of your valuable time for your suggestions.

The year just passed produced two new books.  The first, 152 Ways to Keep Students in School (the first 26 ways are posted on the resource section of this website) as well as my publisher’s (Eye on Education’s Website, is the fastest selling of all my books.  From At-Risk to Academic Excellence:  What Successful Leaders Do, is the first book in a new series.  I have been blessed by two extremely talented co-authors, Dr. Tony Thacker and John Bell both from the Alabama Department of Education.  Dr. Gene Bottoms, Senior Vice President of the Southern Regional Education Lab (SREB) wrote the forward.  You can find the forward and Chapter 4 of the book on my website.

Creating School Cultures That Embrace Learning:  What Successful Leaders Do is the second book in the series and will be published in early February by Eye on Education.  In the Leadership and Culture book, we asked the leaders of 90/90/90 schools to explain their success in increasing student achievement and produced a positive school culture.  A section of the book will appear on these pages in February.

I have been traveling and presenting workshops around the country.  In 2008, I presented for over 6,000 people in Texas, Savannah, Atlanta, Texas (again), South Carolina, South Dakota, Texas (still again), Kentucky, Texas (once again), Florida, Arkansas, Calgary, New Orleans and Texas.

This year promises to be just as active starting with Clearwater Florida this month.  I have signed contracts to be back in Savannah, San Diego, Phoenix, Virginia, North Dakota and Texas.  If I am in your neighborhood, please come up and say hello. I really love presenting and meeting field-based people.

This year I produced several new activities.  Failure has been receiving the greatest reaction of them all.

I am currently working on several books.  Volume Two of the highly successful Best Practices to Help At-risk Learners is currently being worked on.  In addition, there will be a new administrators book and several other projects.

Finally I want to thank you for your hard work this past year. In spite of the demands of high-stakes testing, and No Child Left Behind, you have persevered against enormous challenges.  Thank you for all that you do.  Thank you for making a difference.

Stay well and stay in touch.