Is the Cost of College Worth It?

For students who graduate high school in the bottom 40 percent of their class, college is usually a waste of money.  More than two-thirds of such students who enroll as freshmen fail to earn a college degree.  Colleges admit that these ill-prepare students are accepted,  then the colleges re-mediate them and cash their tuition payments but do little to prepare them for the real world.  When these students dropout, they leave campuses with a mountain of debt from student loans, lowered self-esteem and unprepared for work.

Then, knowing this, why do colleges accept them?  Colleges need to fill their seats and use tuition monies to fund other projects.

College dropout rates exceed K-12 dropouts with students who successfully graduated from high school.

What are students and parents to do?  Probably go to a career-oriented community college or enrolling in job-train programs given by some corporations.

Source:  The Chronicle of Higher Education