Now is the time to act — to vote

Every morning, Americans (and people around the world) wake up to falling stock prices, job layoffs and doom and gloom predictions of a world-wide recession (or worse).

At the same time, politicians are suggesting that school budgets maKe do with existing funds or in the-worst-case scenario, cut spending.  States like California and Texas have been cutting school budgets and laying off classroom teachers and administrators.  And I believe this is merely the beginning of the tsunami.

Do you remember when gasoline prices peaked at $4 per gallon?  School districts started shortening bus routes making children walk longer distances.  Some districts considered going to four day weeks, expecting educators to teach students the same material in a shorter time frame.

We have not yet begun, what is being predicted a severe winter, with increased fuel costs.  School budgets need to be approved by an increasing aging population and by people who have been let go from their jobs.  It’s time to do several things:

  1. Remind politicians runnig for office that you are an educator and you vote.
  2. VOTE on election day for people who will represent your values.  This blog has posted the Republican and Democratic party platforms dealing with education.
  3. Start speaking at school board, Rotary, fraternal organizations, Chamber of Commerce and Senior Citizen homes about the value that schools provide communities.
  4. Those of you who work in districts represented by educational associations or unions, suggest that they become increasingly visible within the community with bumper stickers, information flyers to parents, business leaders and other community people.

Remember the job you save maybe yours!