When Economic Times are good It is bad for education; When times are bad it is bad for education

With the American economy, and most of the rest of the world, in free fall, people’s attention focuses on their jobs, their future and the future of their children.  Unfortuanately, politicians and policy makers focus on today and not tomorrow.

When the economy is good, politicians say that taxpayers need a break and should receive a tax rebate.  They rarely indicate that we should invest more money in our nation’s future, our children and our schools.

When the economy is on the decline, the concern (correctly) focuses on repairing the decline.  Tax monies should be used to bail out stock brokers and stock exchanges, banks, mortgage holders, insurance companies, etc.

The reality is that no one speaks for the children, or the schools except for educators.   Teacher unions speak for teachers.  Parents organizations speak for parents.  School board organizations speak for school boards.  Administrator organizations speak for administrators.

Let’s face it.  Whether times are good or times are bad it is bad for children.

Till next time.