National Dropout Prevention Conference – Atlanta GA

I will be presenting two sessions at the Crowne Plaza Ravina in Atlanta.

Monday, November 17 8:30 -10 AM

Helping Students Graduate: Tools and Strategies to Prevent School Dropouts

Using the 15 effective strategies developed by the National Dropout Prevention Center and tools developed as best practices by some of America’s outstanding schools and programs, workshop participants will not only learn what to do but how to aid at-risk youth to graduate.

Tuesday, November 18  9:45 -11:15 AM

What Do Successful Leaders of At-Risk Learners Do to Raise Academic Performance and Improve School Cultures?

Educators are aware that some schools support a culture that is not only hostile to learning but is toxic to students, parents and staff.  We contacted 300 high performing, high minority, high poverty schools and asked the school leaders how they were transforming a hostile culture into a supportive learning environment.