Politicians Really Don’t Understand Schools

Politicians look for short-term, immediate “solutions” to complex problems.  They have been trained to think and speak in terms of 17 second sound bites that can make the evenings news.

Unfortunately the solutions to America’s school crisis cannot be solved simply or quickly.  The problems are too complex.  (Do they know that some school buildings are still being heated with coal?  Do they know that some of you work in “temporary buildings”, in use for 20 years that lack running water or bathrooms.  Do they know that students (and teachers) work in the early part of the summer, in buildings without air conditioning where the temperature goes beyond 90 degrees.”  This is no way to treat professionals.

We need politicians who realize these problems and take time to address them.  When it comes time to vote in state, local and federal elections, remember to ask, do they address the issues that you believe are most critical to you and the children you serve?

Somebody should come up with a bumper sticker which says, “I am an educator.  I make a difference because I vote.”