Gee, What A Suprise

In a report issued today by America’s Promise Alliance entitled, “Cities In Crisis” written by Researcher Christopher Swanson,  suburban school systems graduation rate’s are higher than urban school systems.  Could it be that suburban school systems spend more money on the system; parents are better educated and are more focused on educational achievement;  per pupil expenditure is higher; teachers are better paid and have better working conditions?

According to the report,  Detroit has a 24.9% graduation rate. According to the Macinac Center, where the graduation rate is 24.9%, spends $3998 per student (1998-1989 school year).  In Mesa Arizona, where according to $6,342 per student and has a 77.1% graduation rate (a 63% dollar difference.)  While dollars alone will not explain the difference of academic success, the other factors mentioned above will help explain part of the difference of academic success.

I am looking forward to the day when the next researcher will compare the differences in success comparing a Chevrolet and a Lexus.