Feedback from the 2nd Annual Western Canadian At-Risk Conference

I was privileged to deliver a keynote and a breakout at the Western Canadian At-Risk Conference.  Here is some of the feedback.

“Franklin is upbeat, positive, and I appreciate his humor and research based data.  He speaks with knowledge and passion in such a manner that his audience is entertained, enriched and most importantly rejuvenated and hopeful.  I left each of his sessions carying the lightness of optimism.”  Ann Wandler, Counselor

“Smart, practical and real life understanding of what is going on in schools with real practical solutions.”  Shelly Velsink, Educational Assistant

“Franklin’s experience on the front lines is real and valuable to share with all educators.”  Jillian Marino, Assistant Principal

Franklin promised us a session that would be informational, inspirational, humorous, solve the world’s education problems and answer our questions.  He totally delivered.”  Elizabet Shen, Principal