Let’s Create A Level Playing Field

First, let’s start by admitting that schools need to improve.  They always did and they always will.

The latest criticism of schools by conservative organizations and the conservative press is that schools are not producing enough scientists, engineers, chemists and mathematicians.  One of the reasons is that over 50% of the teachers teaching math and science never majored or minored in math and science.

But as long as industry pays people graduating from college more money and better working conditions, schools will have a difficult time attracting math and science majors.

The conservative media says that educators knew the working conditions and salaries before they entered the field and should be satisfied with the glories of working in schools.  Of course, those were the days before $3 a gallon of gasoline.  Being of a good heart does not pay bills.  In the industrialize world, salary is generally used as a determinate of the worth of an individual and the occupation.  Maybe that is why CEOs are being paid millions of dollars.

If we create better working conditions and higher pay, schools will attract more people with better credentials.