Workshop Comment: Gilbert J. Cox, Regional Education Coordinator The New York State Education Department

Seminar Crowd“Mr. Schargel did an outstanding job. He was well prepared, thorough and not only exceptionally knowledgeable about TQM process to enhance school quality but was able to communicate that knowledge most effectively and enthusiastically to a very discerning audience….

His central idea about transforming education through Total Quality Management was clear and well received. Most importantly, the overall impact that his time with our State Education Department Staff will eventually have in terms of demonstrable improvement in student achievement by all students in New York City is incalculable. My staff is genuinely interested in learning more and requested that I have him return as a guest speaker….

A team member said, ” I learned more about what ought to be going on in one morning than I did in three years of graduate work in education…Several staff members stayed through their lunch hour asking questions and requesting additional information from him….