Helping Students Graduate: Tools and Strategies to Prevent School Dropouts

Today, over one-third of our K-12 students never graduate increasing the likelihood of their imprisonment, single parenthood, poverty and the use of alcohol and drugs. Yet the demands of No Child Left Behind, will inevitably increase the likelihood of children leaving school prior to graduation.

Dropout Prevention is Everyone’s Responsibility.

Educators realize that dropping out is a process and not an event. Few dropouts sail through their school career without problems. Most became at-risk for dropping out of high school long before then – some as early as the third grade. This workshop identifies 15 dropout prevention strategies which the National Education Goals Panel says are “the most effective strategies to help solve our school dropout problem.  The workshop will not only deal with “what to do” but “how to do it” as well.

Using the 15 effective strategies developed by the National Dropout Prevention Center and tools developed as best practices by some of America’s outstanding schools and programs, workshop participants will not only learn what to do but how to aid at-risk youth to graduate.

The strategies have been recognized by the National Education Goals Panel and the United States Department of Education as “the most effective strategies to help solve our school dropout problem.” (NEGP Monthly, August 2001 and

Audience: This workshop is appropriate for groups of teachers, counselors, and school administrators.

Uses: This presentation can be used as a keynote, mealtime, or session presentation.

Length: This presentation is an all-day presentation and can be adjusted for a shorter 1 -1 1/2 hours version.

Handouts: This presentation includes handouts.

Audio-Visual: This presentation does have slide, projector, or computer requirements.

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