Strategies to Help Solve Our School Dropout Problem

Strategies To Help BookData driven and research based, this book will help you reduce the number of young adults who leave school without completing a high school program. These successfully proven strategies were identified through research conducted by The National Dropout Prevention Center at Clemson University.


I. Identification
-Who Drops Out and Why
II. Strategies for Success
-Identifying Effective Strategies for Dropout Prevention
III. Early Interventions
-Family Involvement
-Early Childhood Education
-Reading and Writing
IV. The Basic Core Strategies
-Service Learning
-Alternative Schooling
-Out-of-School Enhancement
V. Making the Most of Instruction
-Professional Development
-Diverse Learning Styles and Multiple Intelligences
-Instructional Technologies
-Individualized Instruction
VI. Making the Most of the Wider School Community
-Systemic Renewal
-Community Collaboration
-Career Education & Workforce Development
-Violence Prevention and Conflict Resolution
VII. Perspectives and Prescriptions
-The Global Perspective
-A Prescription for America

With its companion Dropout Prevention Tools these two books provide both the “what-to-do“ and the “how-to-do-it“.

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Estratégias para Auxiliar o Problema de Evasão Escolar

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