Growing Up DRUG FREE- A Parent’s Guide to Prevention.

From my friend, Stephen R. Sroka, Ph.D.,President, Health Education Consultants

 Since the summer vacation offers more opportunities for accidents, parties and new “friends,” here are three drug prevention education resources for parents and educators.
 The DEA and USDOE has updated Growing Up DRUG FREE- A Parent’s Guide to Prevention.
This new version tackles opioids and synthetic marijuana as well as the importance of adolescents having a good bond with an adult to reduce engagement in risky behaviors. Protective factors include school connectedness. How to talk to your child about drugs as well as what to do if you think your child is using drugs are addressed. Drug identification charts and resources are included. Must reading for all parents and caregivers.
Two other timely resources about heroin and painkillers:
Teens and Heroin in the Suburbs:Expert Advice
Prescription Painkillers: Should Your Teenager Ever Take Them?