Kansas: Governor Calling Special Session on School Funding

Gov. Sam Brownback said that he would call the Legislature into special session to tackle education funding and respond to a state Supreme Court order declaring that public schools might not be able to open after June. Mr. Brownback, a Republican, did not set a date for the Republican-dominated Legislature to reconvene to beat a June 30 deadline set by the court for lawmakers to fix school finances. The court last month rejected some changes in school finance laws that lawmakers had made to comply with an earlier order from the justices to improve funding for poor schools. Public schools are out for the summer, but they provide services year-round to special education students and serve meals to poor children. (AP)

After cutting school budgets, the governor and the state legislature need to beat a June 30th deadline.  The legislature is on a break (for the summer). Hopefully the legislatures and the governor can meet the deadline and do what is right.