Cyberbullying: Who is Responsible for Dealing With It?

How far away from school is school?

Georgia House Bill 131 (The End of Cyberbulling Act”) if passed will hold schools and school officials responsible for all acts of cyberbullying no matter where it occurs – at school events, on school buses, at school bus stops, “whether or not such electronic acts originated on school property or with school equipment.” Any cyberbullying whether “directed at students or school personnel is covered regardless of whether it takes place in the privacy of the student’s bedroom (emphasis added) or in a commons area during a class break.”

This is a dramatic expansion of authority and responsibility of school officials giving schools the responsibility of monitoring the the behavior or students even when not connected to the school day or to school events.

Imagine a student being bullied while on school break or under the supervision of parents.  Is the school responsible or is it the parent?

I am indebted to  Trace Vaughn, Graduation Coach of Sonoraville High School
for alerting me to this event.  Thank you, Trace.