Kudos From Auburn University’s Anti Bullying Conference

Franklin delivered a session at Auburn University’s Anti-Bullying Conference held at the Wyndham Hotel in Peachtree City, GA.  Below are a few of the comments from attendees:

Mr. Schargel’s presentation was very informative and entertaining. I especially liked the humor, videos and knowledge of the presenter. Great presentation! E. White, Counselor

Eye opening information on bullying is painfully shocking and forces my commitment to improve awareness/actions district wide. I especially liked the honesty of the present and the entire presentation. I would request more time for Mr. Schargel to cover topics and allow for Q&A. M. Lyas-Youg, 504 Counselor

Very charismatic, informative and reassuring. This presentation is a great way to reignite the charge of your passion for teaching and learning. Pam Sanders, Assistant Principal

 Thank you for presenting this valuable information that can be utilized by all schools. This is a program than can be very valuable to all administrators, teachers, counselors, parents and stakeholders. Counselor

I believe Mr. Schargel’s program offers insight and realistic strategies to prevent bullying. A. Sanders, Principal

Well organized and informative. A wealth of information and statistics on bullying. School Social Worker

His program was factual and informative, but done with humor keeping all participants attentive absorbing importance of the presentation. Teacher

Excellent presenter and great presentation! Franklin is a super communicator with an important message. Best session of the conference. La Haie, Dean of Students