Creating Safe Schools: A Guide for School Leaders, Teachers, Counselors, and Parents

Students, parents, and school staff deserve a safe learning environment. Yet recent headlines of violence, bullying, and drug abuse have shown the vulnerability of schools. In this timely and important book, Franklin Schargel provides leaders, teachers, counselors, parents, and students with the necessary information to address and diminish safety problems in schools. Creating Safe Schools explores the background and data about the severity of safety issues facing schools today and also provides the strategies and tools to address them. Clearly organized according to issue, this book allows for easy reference and is packed with tools, activities, checklists, strategies, and tips. School violence takes a variety of forms so the book will deal with a number of school violence issues.

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Coverage includes:

  • Bullying
  • Driving
  • Drugs, Alcohol, and Tobacco
  • Internet Safety
  • Violent School Incidents
  • Sexual Activity
  • Suicide
  • Truancy/Suspension
  • Youth Gambling


“This clear, concise, practical manual is full of direction, research, and recent resources to tackle safety issues and is a must read for individuals creating a proactive plan to support a safe and positive learning environment.”

–Lori L. Lamb, President 2008-2013, National Alternative Education Association (NAEA)


“Franklin Schargel once again presents a straightforward, no-nonsense look into the hard issues that must be faced to promote a safe and secure learning environment for our children. This book is a user-friendly source of data, ideas, and resources for educators and communities at large.”

–Marie Sobers,┬áTeacher Intern Supervisor, George Mason University


Creating Safe Schools is filled with facts, figures, and tables to help understand the complexities of creating safe schools while dealing with the sensitive issues. The book offers ‘tips from the trenches’ with practical suggestions and strategies to help school administrators, teachers, parents, and students create safe schools.”

–Stephen Sroka, President of Health Education Consultants and Adjunct Assistant Professor, School of Medicine, Case Western Reserve University

Paperback: 162 pages
Publisher: Routledge (April 4, 2014)
Language: English
ISBN-13: 978-0-415-73479-0 (paperback edition)