In addition to speaking to educators and educational groups, Franklin speaks to business groups, Chambers of Commerce and Rotaries. Here is the latest comment made by the president of a Rotary club. The name of the workshop was entitled “Building Global Economies:  From The Schoolhouse to the Workplace.”

“I have known Franklin for over ten years, and I had the opportunity recently to invite him to speak to my Rotary Club. It was one of the most well-received presentations over the last year or two. It’s evident from the reaction that Franklin received from the membership that we will be inviting him back when his schedule allows. ??If you are looking for an informative and captivating speaker on how we can improve our quality of education, I highly recommend Franklin.”   

If you know of a business group who would be interested in hear him speak, contact him at [email protected]

For any school/district  hiring Franklin, he will deliver a business workshop at no additional cost.