Kudos From NDPC Myrtle Beach

Franklin presented two sessions for the National Dropout Prevention Center’s Forum in Myrtle Beach.  Here are a few of his attendees comments:

“Franklin is very dynamic and his material is extremely relevant for anyone working with youth or adolescents.” C.Williams, Director of Social Work, The Leadership Program

“This session was great! Common sense, practical, evidence-based strategies.  Teachers, like me, are starving for this type of information.” B. Tomberlin, Program Consultant, KY DOE

“Wonderfully engaging with information to bring back to my campus and implement now. Inspiring!” A.K. Lene, Chief Academic Officer

“The presentation offers statistics, humor, and resources to improve education and instruction that our children so desperately need.”

“Great presenter! Mr. Schargel keeps the audience engaged at all times with his humorous attitude and interaction with the workshop participants.” B. Bush, Attendance Supervisor, Fairfield County Schools

“This is a great program for all school professionals, parents and community agencies working with at risk!” M. Bullock, DOP School Counselor, Guilford Co. Schools

“Engaging, interesting, motivation, practical, well-supported, exactly what I needed!” L. Herring, Student  Advancement Coach, East Davidson High, NC

“Franklin is full of encouragement and helpful information!” C. Creech, Bahavior Support, Whiteville City Schools

“Factual, helpful, student-centered.” M. Baker, Assistant Principal, Southwest High School, Jacksonville, NC

“On target, informative, insightful, great resources!” L. Ingram, Teacher, Strom Thurmam HS, Johnson, SC

“Franklin’s program is true and brutally honest of what we are experiencing day by day in our schools.  It’s evident that the same things are happening everywhere.” L. Edwards, Inkster Schools.