Kudos From Regional Education Center IV, Houston, Texas

Franklin delivered an all day workshop for the Texas Regional Education Center IV in Houston, Texas.  Here are a couple of  reactions on the evaluations:

Thank you so much for providing an excellent presentation on dropout prevention. You utilized a multimedia approach, humor, stories, and activities which engaged our participants and provided them with practical information they can take back to their districts and use. 

“I loved the way the information was presented. I have begun implementing the information gathered at this training. It was awesome. I love his energy and passion for our at-risk youth. More so, his presentation was suitable for my learning abilities. Often times, we attend trainings where the information is partly relevant to your line of work, but when I left this workshop, not only did I have strategies and new ideas…. I felt empowered and energized to tackle the most challenging circumstances.”

“Participants from our district will review and discuss the strategies presented by Mr. Schargel. Each campus will then identify practices that can be incorporated into their high school completion action plan.” “Spoke with my administrators about his coming to my school.”