Kudos From SREB in New Orleans

Franklin delivered two workshops in New Orleans for the Southern Regional Education Board High School That Works Conference.   Here are some of the extremely positive comments:

Franklin’s presentation cuts to the hear of what is really needed in schools: adults who genuinely care about the students who enter their schools.  M. Kennedy, Principal, St. James, LA


Excellent!! I truly felt empowered and proud to be a teacher.  Thank you.  Classroom Teacher, Eldon, MO

Outstanding thought provoking presentation.  I enjoyed the humorous anecdotes and the number of resources he make available. M. Byers, Director, Alternative Education, Columbia, SC

Franklin’s program is very informative and inspirational. All principals and everyone involved in education should attend this workshop. F. Wells, Sp.. Ed. Teacher, Independence, LA

A valuable session supported by research, collaboration, and most importantly – relevant experience.  Thanks for the cold hard truth!  G Hubbard, Stillwater, OK

Mr. Franklin was informative and very easy to understand.  I will now go to school and work as a better educator.  Thank you. D. Howard, FCS Teacher, Independence, LA

Powerful! Loaded with useful information.  Great!  Wonderful and entertaining presenter!, T. Ligon, Assistant Principal, Columbia, SC

The session was engaging, informative and useful.  G. McDonand, HS Principal, Ft. Smith, AK

Franklin Schargel is a humorous, straight-on educator who hits the nail on the head when speaking on the challenges of dropouts. T. Hancock, Wayne, OK,  Assistant Superintendent

His session was SO RELEVANT! T. Marshall, Graduation Coach, Memphis, TN

This program is uplifting and motivating.  Franklin makes me feel empowered to make a difference!  I Loved it!  Mr. Schargel is a wonderful presenter, who give great strategies and insight! Student Service Director, Sand Springs, OK

Franklin’s program used humor to capture the attention of the attendees and provided practical points to use in our practice.  L. Roberson, HS Principal