Kudos from Region IV ACTE

Franklin delivered two presentations at the Region IV Association for Career and Technical Education Association’s meeting in Albuquerque, NM.  Here are some of the comments:

“This presentation was magnificent.  Just knowing that a person of his expertise feels the same as I do, is a good thing to hear.  GIVE HIM MORE TIME!”  S. Marquet, Interim Coordinator

“Franklin brings vast experience in education and great insight into how to improve schools with a focus on student success.” G.Carlson

“Eye opening”.  T. Galligan, Business Teacher

“Franklin says what classroom teachers know and administrators need to learn.” J.L. Ross, Teacher

“Franklin was very awesome and insightful.” T. Sewell, Instructor

” Franklin’s presentation is down to earth, a real world view of education today and its vital role in society today.” D. Peacock, CTE Department Head

“Inspiring to all educators.  You gave me hope.” K. Jones, teacher

“a little island of clarity.” L. Trapp, Teacher

“Excellent presentation with real life practical information.” R. Henderson, Student Services Coordinator

Seriously comedic viewpoints draws you in and then he hits you with the seriousness of the situation.  He makes you want to listen and learn”  C. Beker, Practical Nursing Coordinator

“Very inspirational, great information sets you on a path in a clear and concise manner.” L. Soriano, Administrative Intern

” Franklin cares about students.”  H. Hilton, Director College & Career

“An exciting, informative journey through the state of education today.” S. Adrian, Instructional Design Manager

” Franklin gets education and how it impacts the United States and the world.” H. Dadey, Technology Teacher

“Succinct and to the point for promoting student success and school reform.  Great humor.  Thank you.” V. Evans, CTE Dual Credit Instructor