Kudos From Savannah Youth At Risk Conference

Franklin was a featured speaker at the Savannah Youth At Risk Conference and delivered 4 presentations.  Here are some of the comments from participants:

  • “Humorous speaker who engages audience.”  H. Coslick, MSW Student
  • “Franklin’s program was very eye-opening and informative.  He gave information that was relevant and that could immediately protect our students.” T. Hair, Intervention Specialist
  • “It was evident that Franklin is well researched and informed about school violence and prevention.  He provided a historical overview as well as current data to contextualize the challenges we are facing with school violence.” K Leonard,  Stepstones For Youth, Canada
  • “He has a different twist on the usage of words and it really does make sense.  People are more acceptable to improvements than change.”  J. Whatley, Math Chair
  • “Relevant.  Provided wisdom, insight and great strategies.” K. Collier, Assistant Principal
  • Enlightened information that shows the path to true improvement in student achievement.” M. Hoffman, Assistant Principal
  • “Very real and in your face through humor and realism.” T. Terry, Program Coordinator