Kudos from Canadian Calgary Teachers Association

Franklin delivered a keynote and two workshops at the Canadian Calgary Teachers Association Conference attended by 11,000 educators.

Here are a few of their comments:

“Should have been longer.  I’m an elementary teacher and although dropouts aren’t a concern, student success and school culture are.  Resource access is great!”

“Thank you for your passion and sharing of stories.”

“Very real, very practical – could have listened to him for another hour!”

“Very sincere wonderful encouragement from Mr. Schargel.”

“Thanks for sharing all of this information with us.  Some really important things to think about, especially for myself, a second year teacher.  Thanks for sharing your website.”

“Gave me lots to learn and pointed to places where I can go to reinforce that learning.”

“Terrific intro – great slides with music.  Thanks for sharing your knowledge and experiences and info on your website.  I love the bookmark.”

“Great opening music, visual cartoons!  Thank you for your inspiration.”

“Schargel is a passionate and insightful speaker.  Enjoyed his “Failure slide presentation to start.  His use of slides and visuals were overall very effective in enhancing his presentation.”

“Very knowledgeable!  Lots of funny comments.”

“Wonderful presentation!”