Kudos from the National Dropout Prevention Conference in Shaumburg, IL

“Dr. Schargel speaks from the heart in a very logical, pragmatic manner that enlighten and creates a mental system’s change on dropout re-engagement and prevent for each participant.”  Dr. Mick Moore, Assistant Superintendent, Kenton, WA

“Franklin’s love for education shows in his eyes, heart and mind.”  T. Kersh, Bureau Director, Mississippi Department of Education

“Franklin discusses dropout in a way anyone can understand. He makes you want to learn more.”  A. Kowalczyk, Principal

“Honest, passionate & animated.” D. Udovich,, Executive Director Secondary, San Antonio, TX

“Practical, common sense information in a crazy, zany style.”  J.Wollenberg, Principal

“I found Franklin’s workshop inspirational.  He believes that teachers can improve the lives of children no matter the school environment.” V. Sanders, College Access, Detroit Michigan

“Amazing how simple and realistic the information he gives and how practical schools can adapt these strategies.” C. Getugi, Graduation Guide, Newark, DE

‘Franklin’s program offers practical strategies to address real life school-related issues.” A. Still, Graduation Guide, Newark DE

“Franklin’s balanced humor with thought-provoking information that can change the way I run my school.” A. Reyner, Principal

“Franklin give real world suggestions for real world issues facing educators and our at-risk students.” Dropout Prevention Coordinator