Kudos from Knoxville Tennessee

“It was an inspiring presentation that reminds teachers that they have the power to improve the lives of EVERY student they encounter.” A. Merryman, Social Studies Teacher

“This was a wonderfully informative session from someone who understands.” B. Johannsen, School Counselor

“The presenter was fantastic.” Assistant Principal

“Franklin is consistently positive towards the possibility of improving students lives.  The presentation was truly one of the best professional development presentations that I have ever witnessed.” J.A. Irvin, English Teacher

“Inspiring and motivating.  Educators must learn to inspire and motivate the individual student.  Franklin has a great message for teachers and educational leaders.”

“Interactive and inspiring.  Reminds and encourages me regarding why I am an educator.” T. Campbell, Assistant Principal

“Franklin’s presentation was a life-changing experience.  So, true and so encouraging – just what I needed.” A. Freeman, Nurse