Kudos from the “Risky Business” Conference in Iowa

Below are a few comments made by the attendees at the “XXIV Risky Business Conference held in Altoona, Iowa.  Franklin was the keynote speaker:

“Compassionate-driven-purposeful- Improving Student Lives” D. Townsend, Guidance Counselor

“Franklin calls it how it is in education and what we can do to improve it.” S. Hayes, School Counselor

“Powerful!  Thank you for reawakening our minds, spirits and souls.” Special Educator Associate

“Thought provoking information is provided in an an audience friendly format.”  Caseworker

“A fun leaning experience!  The time flew.”  Teacher

“I think Franklin’s program is both inspiring and informative.  The balance between wisdom of experience and documented empirical strategies were so helpful.”  S. Halvorson, At-risk Associate

“Inspiring,  made me believe I can make a difference.”  Dean of Students

“A must for ALL educators.”  Gear Up Advisor

“The REAL message about education!” J. Kerns, High School Coordinator

“Educational, entertaining, emotional and informative – something for anyone who cares about children.”  At-risk coordinator

“You bring back the real truth about what is really in the best interest of children.”  J. Ellenbecker, Juvenile Court School Liaison”

“Franklin understands and relates to what we do everyday!” B. Bockes, Instructor

“Franklin confirms that our current education system need to be redesigned.  Now I understand why the system is failing my daughter.”  D. Townsend, Guidance Counselor

“I am a future teacher currently in college, Franklin’s presentation challenged me to really take a look at my purpose for teaching in the future.  Thank you for the inspiration.” S. Peel, Associate