Kudos From Florida Dept. of Education Conference

Here are a few comments from Franklin’s presentations in St. Petersburg, Florida:

“An honest account of the clear vision needed to improve education for society’s future.”  Transition Coordinator

“Your love for helping students and teachers is obvious and over whelming.” B. Sterns

“This presentation is totally engaging and chuck full of information.” K. Cole, District Resource Teacher

“Franklin exemplifies teaching – excellent teaching.  He truly improving the world for our children.” Post-Secondary Transition Consultant

“Informative, inspiring, excellent presentation.” J. Brown, Jr. Director of Education

“Powerful! Very empowering for educators at all levels.  Applicable knowledge that jsut makes good sense!” G. Beasley

“One size fit all does not fit anyone. Great summary”. S. Wilson

“Authentic self-reflection aimed at improving student success.” M. Renda, School Counselor

“I felt energized to return to my building committed to empower my staff to find joy in being educators again.” B. Backman, Principal

“A truly inspiring and motivational presentation for the novice and veteren educator alike.” School Counselor

“This is one of the most real-world, humorous, factual and concise presentations I have seen in a long time.  I would recommend it to everyone.” P. Schwartz, Reading Specialist

“Extremely informative and engaging.  I was surprised at how the presentation aligned to similar problems in my school.  I only wished the presentation would have been longer.” H. Nelson, Education Coordinator