Thank You for 4 Wonderful Years

Today is the fourth anniversary of this website.  When I started, I didn’t believe that there would be many visitors.  But obviously you have found your way to this website.  As of this morning, there were 286,376 visits with over 100,00 being unique (first timers).

As of today, the site is averaging 225+ hits a day.  The #1 attraction are the 15 Effective Strategies.  “What should schools do about cellphone use?” is number two.  Twenty-five Things which will be extinct in 25 years still draws attention.

As you would expect, based on my doing workshops and my 11 published books most viewers come from the United States followed by Canada, Morrocco, Phillippines, Spain, India, the United Kingdom, Germany, Australia, Malaysa, Republic of Korea, Brazil, Ireland, Singapore, the Netherlands, Indonesia, France, South Africa and Sweden. Many other countries are on the list, but those are at the top.  Please inform your educator friends that they can take what they need from the website.  Obviously, dropout prevention is a global problem.

I have spoken in 49 states as well as 9 nations.

The new year promises even better things.  I am currently working on three new books. I will continue to post on this site so register to be updated.  Early in 2012, I will be posting an article frommy latest book, “Dropout Prevention Fieldbook” dealing with cyber-bullying.  also in the plans is to update the 25 things which will be extinct in 25 years.

Let me close this message with my thanks for your concern and involvement.  If you wish to reach me to ask questions, feel free to contact me @ [email protected]

Till next time,