More Kudos From Jackson, TN

“Interactive, learning activities.  Franklin’s program validates the importance of truly caring about students.” K. Sears, HS teacher

“Franklin truly cares about out understanding the purpose of his lecture.  He just needs more time to present.”  Dropout Prevention Specialist

“Motivating, entertaining, and most importantly useful and applicable.  Made me feel hopeful and I haven’t recently felt that.”  E. M. Miller, Graduation Coach

“I appreciated his sharing resources.” Tennessee Department of Education

“We were actively engaged in the presentation.  Also we have resources to carry back.  Franklin’s program is a powerful endeavor to motivate educators to improve the children in our schools.  His program leave uou motivated to implement strategies to reach and improve learning.” S. Hickson, School Counselor

“Practical – comon sense information that can be used immediately.” HS Principal

“Franklin has been in the field and knows our kids.”

“Great presentation on how to help improve the lives of children.” S. Sanders, Instructional Coach

“I loved the ‘Failure’ video.” Attendance Supervisor

“No nonsense approach to connect with students and parents.” Special Education Consulting Teacher

“Fast paced – practical – validating for what we are doing.” HS Principal