Kudos from Florida

Franklin recently presented workshops at the National Title One Director’s Conference in Tampa and at the Alternatives to Expulsion conference in Orlando.  Here are a few of the comments from attendees at his sessions:

I’ve been looking for someone like Franklin to fire up our kids, teachers, administrators and community.” S. Campos, Counselor Corpus Christi, Texas

He is a voice for real improvement for America’s future. A. Shelton, Special Ed. Facilitator, Montgomery, AL.

Franklin used a lot of examples/analogies which kept me engaged. J. Durham, School Based Mental Health Services Clinical Supervisor

Excellent, Excellent, Excellent!! Well worth the time I spent. C. Banda Jr. Asst. Principal, Corpus Christi, TX

Fun, entertaining, full of practical applications. L. Tucker, Juvenile Diversion, Tulsa, OK

Franklin is definitely doing his part in improving the way educators think! F H. Salinas, Intervention Counselor, Corpus Christi, TX

Powerful, motivating,and to the point! J. Villarreal, Dropout Recovery Specialist

What every educator needs to hear – empowering & energizing.  Wonderful presentation! T. Booker, At Risk Coordinator, Montgomery, AL

We appreciated the practical ideas for addressing ongoing student concern.  The use of humor was a refreshing way to us engaged in discussions of difficult issues. M. Mulein & B. Cotten, counselors, Omaha, NE

Delivered quality presentation on a serious subject with humor and expertise, giving practical strategies that can and should be implemented immediately. B. Agee, Asst. Director, Federal Programs, Texas

This session was refreshing and enlightening of what we can do to empower others to “not”accept our students dropping out. R. Esparza, Nevada

Clear, validated suggestions for improving education and preventing dropouts. K. Sterling, Director of Federal Programs, Utah

Franklin’s workshop is a perfect fit to begin student improvement. G. Veilleux, Director of Special Education, Maine

All educators need to hear Franklin’s message about improving our schools and the lives of children. D. Parry, Area Superintendent, Nevada

I liked the focus on best practices and practical strategies for solving the dropout problem in k-12 schools. Dr. S. Robers, Superintendent, Idaho

Franklin is available to deliver workshops and keynotes dealing with dropout prevention and at-risk learners to your conference, school or school district.  Call 505/823-2339 or email, [email protected]