Kudos From Baton Rouge Louisiana

Franklin delivered two workshops in Baton Rouge, LA.  Here are some comments:

“Franklin is providing proven success that is powerful enough to impact the llives of students and educational systems in our state.”  Workforce Development Coordinator

“The program is motivational as it is informational.  More teachers and administrators in our district need to hear this message.”  Terry Gallagher, Counselor

“Franklin’s presentation is a presentation every educator should experience.”  Angela M. Gros, Graduation Coach

“Franklin’s presentation is entertaining, educational, and evocative.”  Molly Williams, Principal

“The program was very informative and provided needed material to develop a plan to decrease the dropout rate at my school.”  Shalika M. Scott, Assistant HS Principal

“The entire presentation was great.  Mr. Schargel is very knowledgeable and very passionate about his work.”  School Counselor

“Franklin’s presentation confirms what highly effective educators should be doing and shows his passion for children and teaching.”  School Counselor

“Tons of information was provided.”  Math Coach