Model Schools Conference Feedback

Franklin spoke before over 1350 people at the Model Schools Conference in Orlando, Florida.  Here are some of the comments:

“Franklin’s workshop was direct, informative and inspiring.  Finally, someone who tells it like it is.” D. Ekdahl, Hammond, IN

“Finally, a speaker that gave me ideas and tools to implement how to’s for success in my classroom for today’s learners.’ L Gautier, EC Teacher

“Fabulous, dynamic and so exciting. C. Overton, Social Worker

“Very engaging, Franklin gives you a lot to think about, and if we really think about what he says, we can honestly begin to deal with the graduation rate.”  J. Mayberry, Lead Teacher

“The program was very real-world and very informative.  You can leave knowing that you can use what you learn today you can use in your school tomorrow to make a difference.” K. Couch, CTEA Director

“Great fun, but more importantly very practical!” S. Langford, Teacher

“The useable ideas I can implement immediately will jump start our road to improvement.”   G. Starling, Assistant Principal

“Franklin hasn’t forgotten what the classroom looks like and feels like for kids and teachers.” K, Reilley, Instructional Special Ed. Coach

“I took more notes from this presentation and more ideas that I really want to remember and apply than in any other session.” J. Taylor, Principal

“Franklin is definitely not in a box – never has been, obviously. Doubt there are any type of barriers that would keep in his enthusiasm and compassion for his topic -saving lives.” T. Jochems, Montana

“Very realistic techniques that all of us can use.” J. Gleason, Counselor

“Most exciting, informative, active, energetic seminar I’ve attended in 2 years. I would highly recommend Franklin to any educator.”, A. McCain, School Board Member

“Franklin helps make me think it’s possible to do something about dropout prevention rather than just talk about it for the fifteenth time.” J. Oberlin, Teacher

“He has not lost touch with reality.  Has practical, doable suggestions.” G. Ineichen, Principal

Franklin’s program provides great insight into the causes of school dropouts and provides practical solutions.” L. Wagner, HS teacher

“Very practical and right on target for all educators and school systems.” G. Mealer, Education Career Partnership Coordinator

“Engaging presentation that presents specific, realistic ways for all schools to improve the success level of at-risk students and all students.”  G. Kirkton, Literacy Coach

“This was extremely informative and inspiring!” J. Ballard, Lead Teacher

“Lively and informative, often laced with humor, and very relevant to many schools.” P. Mitchell, Tech Coordinator

“Super presentation.  It energized me.” P. Kruger, HS Principal

“Franklin’s ideas apply to ALL students and ALL schools and districts.  His passion to improve schools is contagious! K. Jackson, Sp. Ed. Instructional Coach

“Franklin is ‘real’ about students and his message about dropout prevention is urgent!” L. McCullough, Curriculum Supervisor

“He is an excellent speaker giving great information and relates to real life experiences.” R. Flores, HS Teacher

“Enthusiastic and engaging presentation that encourages me to go back and look at improving our practices in the District.” B. McCormack, Program Manager

“Finally the dropout issue is narrowed down to the ideas needed to get to our preferred future.” D. Newell, Assistant Superintendent

“The session gave me great information to improve my school and push us into the direction we need to go.” J. Collier, HS Asst. Principal

“Franklin’s presentation demonstrates the integrated approach necessary to interrupt the dropout process many student are on.” R. Hearn, Curriculum Coordinator

“Program is fast-paced, requires involvement and offers solid information that can be utilized in classrooms.” S. Tyler, Sp. Ed. Teacher

“Very energetic and informative. Great information for improving our schools and children.” R. StClair, Teacher

“Franklin is obviously passionate and informed.” J. Gheen, Director

“An enlightened way to save the educational life and future of a child.” L. Freeman, Assistant Principal

“Fun, informative and most importantly  practical.” A. Orgeron, Teacher

“Straight forward and to the point.” T. Gay, RTI Specialist