Reaction from National Title One Conference

The Director of learning, Sandra Booth, for A+Events, the organizer of the National Title One Conference, sent me some comments from the National Title One Session Evaluations.  I am indebted to her.

Franklin Schargel is one of the most popular and highly valued presenters at the National Title On Conference.  With just the right combination of message and entertainment, he consistently connects with his audiences to inform and inspire.  All of the attendees who evaluated his 2010 National Title I Conference session would recommend Franklin Schargel to speak for another conference. The comments from the National Title One Conference session evaluations include:

  • Good information, great speaker.  Entertaining as well as informative.
  • The subject matter provided additional information related to a national concern.
  • Very knowledgeable and inspirational speaker.
  • Excellent information!
  • This is my 4th experience with Dr. Schargel and it’s new every time.
  • Schargel was excellent.  His presentation material is very useful and of course his humor added the extra bonus.

If you are interested in using Franklin Schargel’s knowledge and experience for your conference or school, contact him at [email protected]