Comments from the National Title One National Directors Conference

Franklin had the honor of presenting a workshop to over 300 participants on the topic, What Do Successful Leaders of At-Risk Learners Do to Raise Academic Performance and Improve School Culture?

Here are some of the comments:

“Franklin’s blend of humor and evidenced-based strategies goes a long way in improving teacher learning.”  Tanya Tovar Rabatte, AP

“Very informative and applicable to educators everywhere.”  Juanette Capers, Middle School Teacher

“The presentation was both informative and entertaining, a rare combination.”  Kenny Moles, School Improvement Coordinator

“I enjoyed the active learning activities that were included every twenty minutes.  Powerful PowerPoint….Great information, Anita Schroeder, Principal, Park Elementary

“The powerful, upfront message on improving education kept me hooked and eager to hear more.”  Colleen Murphy

“Franklin gave me a toolkit for school improvement.”  Darlene Dingss -Adkins, Title I Director

“Franklin lays out the everyday problems but offers hope and realistic solutions.”  Dr. Anna Marie Tracy, Supervisor, NCLB

“Well worth my time!”  Suzette Miller, Slementary Principal

“Inspiring… Franklin’s idea to measure only positives was enlightening.”  Jennifer Jump, Reading Specialist

“Good practical information.  I plan to implement many of the strategies.” Elementary Principal

“Franklin’s no nonsense advice will inspire improvements in all school if his steps are embraced.”  Joan McDonnell

“Franklin’s message can be explained in 3 words:  motivational, inspiring and engaging.”  Reading specialist

“The seminar is motivating and creates a desire to return to school and improve the learning environment.”  Rebecca Darrough, Data Specialist

“Straight forward, useable information that seems to be a rare commodity by presenters.  Middle School AP

“Franklin is a dynamic speaker with real life examples – a true inspiration to creating a positive culture in schools.” Laurie Carlton, Title I Curriculum Specialist

“Franklin practiced what he preached.  He made us get up and move around.” Kathryn Nichol, Title I Project Manager

“Very uplifting as he speaks about what is needed to be done in schools and what is needed to improve student achievement.”  Jim Gross, Superintendent

“The information is relevant.  The best session I have attended.” H.S. A.P.

If you would like to have Franklin speak at your conference or school, contact him at 505/823-2339 or [email protected]