Kudos from the Vision to Practice Fifth Annual Institute: Seven Million Minutes from Pre-Kindergarten to Graduation Conference in Richmond Virginia

I delivered three presentations in Richmond including a keynote entitled, “Building Global Economies from the School House to the Workplace.” Here are a few of the comments:

“I found the presentation to be very motivation. I am excited about sharing this information with my staff.” High School Principal

“Fantastic, Fantastic!!!” High School Assistant Principal

“ Insightful. Cuts through the road blocks to what educators can do.” Board of Education Member, City Councilor

“ Dynamic, great, relevant content” Malla Zapatero, Coordinator, Psychology Services Hampton VA City Schools

“Franklin is not only knowledgeable but enthusiastic and passionate and makes all the difference to us.” Kim Chandler, Director of School Counseling, Gloucester High School, Gloucester Virginia

“The information is useful for all school divisions in all states.” Mary Kolman, Director of Special Education an Pupil Personnel Services, Bath County Public Schools, Warm Springs Virginia

“Franklin’s presentation was delivered at a good pace with multiple activities meaningful to the points he was stressing. High School Assistant Principal

“This session was a wonderful refresher on those interventions need to decrease dropouts. Your humor and passion was evident!” Dr. Brenda M. Metteway, Director of Secondary Education, Petersburg City Public Schools

“The program really emphasizes the impact a teacher has on the lives of children for a long time! Very exciting, invigorating and informative!” Dr. Alvera J. Parrish, Assistant Superintendent for Instruction, Petersburg City Public Schools

If you would like Franklin to speak at your staff training or conference, contact him at [email protected]