Kudo’s From the Youth At-Promise Conference

John Bell and I presented two workshops in Sand Diego at the 4th Annual Reaching “At-Promise” Students National Conference. The presentation was entitled , From At-Risk to Academic Excellence: What Successful Leaders Do. The presentation was based on our two books, From At-Risk to Academic Excellence: What Successful Leaders Do and Creating School Cultures: What Successful Leaders Do written with Dr. Tony Thacker. Below are some of the comments of the attendees:
What did you like most about this session and why?
• Solid info with proven info.
• Activities & presentation.
• Speaker’s enthusiasm, conviction; materials and activities were engaging.
• New strategies learned.
• The exercise about collecting data & the visual of student learning data.
• Nice to have two perspectives.
• Practical tips – real.
• Interactive; informative; great delivery; there are take-aways/action.
• The speakers were engaging.
• Key points to become a successful leader. 14 points school leaders should know about improving school culture.
• Information was practical & useful. This was the first session in which I can actually apply the information presented. Whose perception counts & what to do with it or about it.
• The data and sharing at what works.
• Reality, data from actual schools.
• Real information we can use.
• Experiences/factual/significant.
• Material was practical – suggestions/applications given.
• Energy of presenters, engagement of audience & tools/strategies presented. “The take aways!”
• All!
• Practical/applicable/concise.
• Great ideas that can be implemented. Stories & opinions, variety of activities.
• The honesty! Reality check for me.
• I like having/getting ideas I can take home!
• I appreciated having a variety of activities to participate in. It beats having to just sit down and listen to a 2 hair lecture.
• Cool power point graphics.
• I really enjoyed the entire session.
• Good speaking skills of presenters.
• Outstanding & engaging speakers! They would make a great keynote.
• Very ground breaking, empowering session. Thank you!
• Great workshop!
• Thank you. Awesome team ?
• Bring John Bell & Franklin Schargel back for future conferences!