Kudos from Kentucky Association of School Administrators

I recently delivered an all day presentation in Lexington, Kentucky.  The reaction of the over 250 attendees was extremely positive.  I am delighted to share a few of their comments:

“Franklin delivers a program that is engaging, practical, and inspiring.  He motivates you to go back to your school and take action to improve yourself, your colleagues and your students. L. Satterly. Division Chair, St. Catherine College

“Informative, interesting, and inspiring enough to keep audience focused.” D. Musselman, Associate Professor, Union College

“Useful and relative to students, teachers and administrators today.” D. MacDonald, Principal

“Franklin will cause you to reflect on your practices as an administrator concerning what we are doing or NOT doing to connect our students to school.  His message is clear, ‘we cannot and shouldn’t be allowed to give up on kids.” A. Mathews, Curriculum/Assessment

“I feel empowered to empower the teachers I train, thanks.”  Asst. Professor, Georgetown College

“Educators need to see what works in teaching and learning and this is a great example.  Too often education and educators are presented with what does not work.” Dr. B. Downing, Chair, Kentucky State University, School of Education

“Franklin speaks the truth. Period!” T. Earlywine, Middle School Principal

“He gives you a different lens to look at the same information- Definitely a positive perspective.”  A Lyttle-Burns, Principal, Regional Juvenile Detention.

“Franklin is entertaining and goes right to the heart of core issues and concerns in education in such an entertaining fashion.”  P. Cecil, Elementary Principal

“Innovative ideas with a simple and practical approach.” K. Lively, Elementary Principal

“Very practical, usable applications to keep kids in school.” D. Waters, Superintendent

Motivational and Inspiring – good information.” Supervisor of Instruction

“He was outstanding and provide us with practical things that can be put into use immediately.” Assistant Principal, Middle School

“Engaging!  Refreshing!  Useful!”  Superintendent

“He has actually “walked the walk.”  The things he talks about have validity and can be applied in our schools.” Middle School Principal

“Mr. Schargel’s inspirational stories and practical strategies are inspiring!” Elementary Principal

“Franklin’s program was extremely relevant to today’s educational problem.  I listened to every word because I know he’s been in the trenches where I’ve been.”  S. Swank, District Dropout Prevention Coordinator

“Franklin made me realize some key factors that are inhibiting our school’s student progress.  This will assist our administration in determining next steps to promote student success.” P. Kelsch, Assistant Principal,  Middle School.

“Mr. Schargel preached the exact message that my teachers so desperately need to hear!! Reality in Education Today.”  N. Nevels II, Middle School Principal

“Franklin creates a sense of urgency with his presentation.  But his humanistic approach used in his experiences are practical and positive.” J. Leeper, High School Principal

“Franklin’s program was full of ideas to use to help improve the success of our students.  These ideas should improve the attitudes of students, parents, and teachers.””  L. West, Instructional Coach

“The presentation builds a strong moral imperative that schools must improve.” C. Coleman, Director Elementary Schools