Kudos from South Dakota

I recently presented in Rapid City and Sioux Falls, South Dakota and received the following feedback:

“Franklin is awesome with a lot of energy  He conducts his presentation the way teachers should set up their classes to engage and maintain student attention.” Julie Thompson, counselor

“Similar to a good classroom experience one doesn’t look at the learning as work because of Schargel’s method of delivering the material.  Jocelyn Hafner, Assistant Principal

“Franklin was so interesting and motivational, he made me want to be one of his students in high school.” Lori T

“He made me excited about the whole process.” Jeanne, Assistant Principal

“Franklin’s animated, information-packed presentation reminded me to be inspired and to inspire all students to achieve their potential.”  Mary Fouts, In school suspension tutor

“I enjoyed the stories and the relevance it has toward the job I do.  It made me want to be better and do more for kids.”  Jackie Talley, Principal

“Dynamic, humorous, poignant program sing interactive approach to learning.”  Special Services Director

“A push in a positive direction for those who are willing to take a risk and go against the norm to make a positive difference in the life of a student.” Tacy Bressler, Lead Instructor

“Direct, passionate about subject matter.  Has real life experience.” Mandy Audiss, Counselor

“Franklin openly shares his knowledge on how we can really make a difference in my student’s lives.” High School Counselor

“Very inspirational.  Makes you think.” Cherise Lerew, School Psychologist

“Franklin talks to you and not at you!” SD Department of Education

“Franklin is passionate about a serious subject and uses his experience, examples, and humor to engage participants in learning ways to keep kids in school.”  Diane Lowery, NCLB & Title I Director

“School dropout is a concern for all schools whether your dropout rate is high, low or 1%.  Franklin’s suggestions would fit into research-based driven agendas everywhere.”  Guyla Ness, Reading & Assessment Coordinator

“Informative, witty, team-oriented.”  Homer White Lance, para-Educator

“Practical for all schools for all students.” Dr. Cherie Farlee, Education Line Officer

“Franklin’s presentation was practical and engaging.” Dr. Les Odeguard

“Informative and engaging. Made me really think how I was teaching and keeping studen’s interests.” Teresa Hogeland, Enrollment Specialist