GRANT ALERT -AT&T Dropout Prevention Grants

AT&T Inc. The AT&T Foundation grants is offering grants to support high school retention programs for at-risk students.

The grants are part of the company’s signature initiative, AT&T Aspire, which was announced earlier this year to help address high school success and workforce readiness. AT&T has committed $100 million in philanthropy through 2011 to schools and nonprofit organizations that are focused on high school retention and better preparing students for college and the workforce.

As part of the Aspire initiative, the AT&T Foundation has committed $29 million in High School success grants to more than 170 schools and nonprofit organizations. Statewide, AT&T is awarding 35 grants totaling more than $3.5 million.

America’s Promise Alliance, the nation’s largest multi-sector collaborative dedicated to the well-being of children and youth, has noted that nearly one-third of U.S. high school students drop out before graduating “” with about 7,000 students dropping out every school day, or one every 26 seconds.

“High school dropout rates are a serious issue affecting more than 1 million students in this country each year,” said Kathy McKim, vice president, AT&T External Affairs “We’re committed to supporting the great work our educators are already doing in our local communities to help kids succeed by preparing them for a global economy. We’re lending a hand to build and expand these programs, and we’re gratified by the response to the program and look forward to working with these groups to build a brighter future for our youth.”