Good Luck As Your School Year Begins

The following was written by Ernest Logan, President of the Council of School Supervisors and Administrators. (Used with permission)

“Dear Colleagues:

I recently had a discussion with a woman who told me she believed that too much was asked of schools and school leaders.  Parents are failing our children, she said as well as a society that values a quick buck and celebrity culture.  “What can a school possibly do in six or seven hours a day when they go home to such emptiness?  It’s simply impossible for a school to provide a child with all the things he’ll need in the future educationally, socially and culturally if they get little of that at home” she said.

My response suprised her: “If the job is too tough for any of my members,’ I told her, “They should find another profession.  The reason we’re in this business is because we believe we can make a difference in every child’s life.  We accept the challenge to face what you call an impossible task.  There are no excuses for failing to educate children.”

“But why?” she asked, still not getting it.

I answered her:  “We forge ahead against the odds because we believe our children are worth it.  Anyone getting into this business knows ahead of time what they are getting into.  I don’t waste my time listening to complains about about ‘what we can do.’  Educators have plenty of solutions.  What they need from the system is the resources, support and funding to get the job done.”

You should have seen her face. Not only had I rejected her sympathy for my members’ “plight,” I spurned her notion of an impossible task.  All she could say was, “Wow!  You have to be really committed to believe that.”

We are.  Being an educator is a calling.  There are so many children who need us in so many ways –  it’s not enough to simply provide children with reading and math classes and expect them to bloom.  Children come to our schools to be nourished intellectually and emotionally.  We can’t plant seeds and then walk away praying for a good rainstorm later in the day.  We must help the seedlings grow, prop up those hat need more support and help all of them reach for the sun.”

‘Till next time.