Don’t Want to Brag, Part II

I have just returned from the National Staff Development Summer Conference, Creating A World of Wonder, held in Orlando, Florida.  I had the largest attended session at the conference with  over 70 attendees.  I spoke on the topic, From At Risk to Academic Excellence: What Successful Leaders Do.  Below are some of the comments of the attendees.

“Franklin helps teachers and administrators get back to the basics of education – keeping the emphasis on students.”  Mindy K., Health Department Chair, Lombard, IL

“Franklin’s program is high energy and makes you think about how to make positive improvements in your school.”  Kasey B., Music Teacher, Whitehall, OH

“A very engaging and energetic presentation with great ideas that can be easily implemented withing schools.” Neetu D, Teacher, Surrey, Canada

“Innovative learning.  He practices what he preaches.”  Robin D., Special Needs Teacher, Milwaukee, WI

“A program that supports ideas to improve student attendance.  Success at school through personal example., John M, Resource Teacher of Learning and Behavior, New Zealand

“His program provides proven strategies for dropout prevention.  The program is easily understandable because he uses real world examples.”  Bernard Z, Teacher, Enfield, NC

Franklin’s program was very helpful in providing examples of what successful leaders do.”  Stephanie W., Distinguished Educator, Louisiana Department of Education